L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest

Name: L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest
Word Count: 3,000 -17,000
Entry Fee: free
Prize: $1000
Eligibility: writers of speculative fiction.
Closing Date: last day of each quarter 
L. Ron Hubbard’s Writer of the Future Contest was created to encourage writers of speculative fiction in the world. Over the years, the contest has discovered and trained emerging writers of science fiction.  
Are you a writer of speculative fiction? Here is an opportunity to get discovered, rewarded, and promoted.
The contest is divided into four quarters. The first quarter starts from 1st October, second from 1st January, third from 1st April and the fourth from 1st July. Entry for each quarter closes on the last day of the quarter. 
For each quarter, three cash prizes are available for winners. The First Prize winner gets $1,000, the Second Prize winner gets $750, and the Third Prize winner gets $500. The winners’ works are rejudged at the end of the year and a Grand Prize winner is awarded $5,000. 
Submission guidelines:
  • You don’t have to pay any fee to submit your work.
  • The rights to your work are exclusively yours.
  • You can explore any type of speculative fiction — science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy, horror and supernatural fiction are all welcome. 
  • Submitted work must be your original work. Don’t even use someone else’s peotry, song lyrics, or character without the owners approval.
  • Violence and sex should be mildly played on, if at all you will have to use them in your work.
  • Please, send in unpublished work.
  • Only one entry per person will be accepted for each quarter.
  • Only those who have not professionally published a novel or a novella can enter the contest. By “professionally published”, they mean your published work has sold up to 5000 copies or hits.
  • You can submit a hard copy, but it must be type-written or computer-typed, double-spaced, and page numbered . 
  • Electronic submission should be double-spaced. It should contain the title and page number on each page, but not the name of the author. 
  • Previous winners are no longer eligible to participate in the contest. 

Submit your work to Writers of the Future Contest

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