The Uncouth Fling


You still remember?

That noteworthy December

When flakes of snow coated our legs

Frigid, yet we damned the regs.

Stuffed in the unclothed diary

An artifact that archived your fiery

Our tale of lust

The kiss, the smooch, the thrust.


The uncouth fling was our genesis

And stone cold feet our nemesis.

Hibiscus swung, purple her glorious petals

Heralded our future, sparkles of royal fettles

Withered leaves frittered the road

Our red carpet cum the white that snowed.

The time it drifted slow away

With pleasant smell of vine in May.


The immaculate meadow

Smirched by our tramples and shadow,

Condoned our jamborees, we sinned

Despite the warning of the raging wind.

Even the cattle smirked with hatred

For it no longer greened on the path we threaded.

Our tale of love like nectar sweet

Climaxed at night to tom-tom’s rhythmic beat


What changed?

Emotions drowned, we fell apart, estranged.

Our ottoman under the umbrella tree

Is where lizards now drill with loose spree

The birds chirp to the cackle of the hens

They miss our frolicking with their pens

But now you tell me it is all dreams

For it never snows in the path where the sun beams


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