I wish you knew 

How it felt 

To run my hands through your hair 

Grab your black tshirt around your waist 

The way your arms felt I’ve always missed 

Gripping them in my hands when you pushed into me 

You showed me the first glimpse of feeling free 

I was addicted 

I knew I could love 

But I did it too hard 

We were so young 

How can it feel this deep

I wish you knew 

How it felt 

When you needed to be free 

I don’t blame you 

But it hurt 

You didn’t have to lie 

You didn’t have to be mean 

You didn’t have to pursue such a rejection 

But I get it 

It was too strong 

I just wish you knew how unnecessary it felt 

How much it stung 

I crumbled and you didn’t 

That’s what hurt the worst 

This was so long ago it feels silly to talk this way 

But I want you to know I’m happy

And I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you 

I feel free

I hope you do to 

But one day just maybe 

You’ll stay out of my dreams 

And see me 


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