Dry Throat


My heart hasn’t beat like this for so long

My mouth hasn’t been this dry in forever 

That same feeling in the back of my throat I used to have everyday 

It’s surprising to me that I feel this way

I really thought I had locked you away 

But something is happening inside me 

I’m not sure that I like 

It’s the feeling I thought I always might 

But it left and I was so sure 

Seeing your face with that same hair 

I feel in my heart I still really care 

It’s a weird balance of love and respect 

You’re response to me was like someone new I had met 

Or maybe was it the person I always felt I knew

But we were so young I don’t blame you 

for what you had to go through 

I hope throughout our lives we always talk like this 

I guess I meant it when I said I’d always love you 

I thought I had outgrown and that feeling and that it was childish 

But the more I reconnect with myself I know 

I will always truly deeply 

Love you


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