I live past me!

I bleed red,
The scars rusted
the tears overflown,
I craved for pain
not for a sympathy gain
quite long living suffocation
I lived throbbing in every pulse,
flowing in every vein
I die less faster than i live,
I fade hell- for- leather than you see,
I fly sharp top than you think,
I grey far more than you imagine,
Oh wait! searching
for the fantasy –
through the uterus ,
that you blame to be lame,
that you prove easier!
I live in my mom’s womb,
I live in my father’s heart,
I live in my daughter’s life,
I live in your blood ,
where I am not –
there you are not!
I live after I die ,
I live after you die ,
I exist when the universe die!
to abide the poor victim
a brave salute
and then rest my head on her!
I will live past me!!!
I will live past you!!!
I will live past the World!!!


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