Free Friday Cocktail

It was Friday again
You called her — as it was your manner
Same rendezvous
The corner of the bar
Where the spinning rainbow ignores your existence
She’s your Meerkat and that’s her burrow
Two cups of her favorite cocktail and asun
You liked to impress, didn’t you?

You sipped, bit by bit
As if it’s the last cup the world had left
She gulped, swig swashing swig
As if she was in a hurry to leave a disaster
The bar man smiled. He knew your story
How you never had a chance
Or maybe you did — all 8 times you were there
You just let it ‘sip’ away

Again, she would say “thank you, I got to go now”
Again, you would walk her through the back door
But this time before she would slip
You would need her help to find your phone
You would dial your number
Your heart would stop pumping and your legs go numb
You would ask yourself why she saved your number
As “Free Friday Cocktail”


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