Poetry Wales – Poetry Submissions

Name: Poetry Wales – Poetry Submissions
Category: Poetry
Word count: 6 poems (no specific word-count)
Entry fee: Free
Prize: £20 per page
Closing date: 7/31/2020 for issue 56.2 and 1/1/2021 for issue 56.3

Poetry Wales, a national poetry magazine of Wales is accepting submission for issue 56.2 and issue 56.3. The submission is for a wide range of works by writers in Wales and other parts of the world. Whether you are a published or an unpublished writer, you can submit your poems for the next issues of the poetry magazine. They may likely include features that address mental health and wellness for issue 56.2, so poems on this subject will be given a higher consideration. Issue 56.3 will have a focus on the environment and climate change. You can submit any poems on any subject, as long as they stand out.

Submission guidelines:

  • They want poems that trigger express approval of your work. Submit poems that will be difficult to let go of.
  • You don’t have to be a popular writer to submit to the poetry magazine. In fact, they are happy to see poems by brand new writers as well as already established poets. Previously unpublished writers are welcome to submit their poems.
  • Attach a cover letter indicating any context you feel is necessary for the poems, together with any publication history you have. If you are previously unpublished, add a short bio about yourself and your background.
  • They advise you send six poems. You may choose to weave your poems such that they complement each other; that way they may be published together. It’s not a must your poems are connected as they will publish poems which are excellent and stand alone.
  • To understand the type of work they publish, you can read their magazines.
  • They accept one entry of 6 poems for each submission windows. The submission for issue 56.2 closes on July 31. The submission for issue 56.3 closes on January 1, 2021.
  • They do not accept works that have been previously published, whether in prints or online.
  • They do not accept simultaneous submission. Do not submit poems that are considered for publication or submitted for a contest.
  • They receive many submissions from different part of the world. Make your poems stand out so you get a chance to get published. And in case you are not accepted for this issue, you can always try during another submission window.
  • Payment for poems accepted for publication in issue 56.3 is £20 per page

How to submit:

Poetry Wales
57 Nolton Street
CF31 3AE

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