Purple Velvet

My wondering eyes

First beheld the shimmer of indigo

Ever before my gaze inclined with the bearer

Of magical aura

Life and death at just a wink


Purple velvet

It beamed conspicuous

Thick the crowd yet it poked the eyes

Like Jacaranda blooming in spring

With thick lavenderous mint


Purple velvet

It conjured luxury

A centre for a thousand gape

The world paused

A long silence dispatched my awe


Purple velvet

It fathomed my hubris

Not of zephyr embroidered

But a pricey interwoven silk my comfort knew

For this peace, my funds invest


Purple velvet

It cavorted, damned men in chain

Whispers of dread did adore

The breezy damsel of Indian movie

An agent of Dirty Politics


Purple velvet

It approved royalty

Imperial robe that concluded coronation rite

Got me ready to hail the queen

Whose glamour made the stars reveal their smiles


And when my wondering eyes

Thus beheld the bearer of velvet

A dazzling delightful doll encaged my lust

The world stopped

A heaven’s angel unveiled on earth



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