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    I need to be reminded what a privileged life I have. 

    So many horrible things happen in this life time and so many people endure horrible things. 

    Happiness should be celebrated and there is no need to put n

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    I wish you knew 
    How it felt 

    To run my hands through your hair 
    Grab your black tshirt around your waist 

    The way your arms felt I’ve always missed 
    Gripping them in my hands when you pushed into me 

  • I want to know what you’re writing

    I want to know if it’s about me 

    I need to know if you’ve thought the way I do 

    I want to know how often and what it is 

    What it is you think about 

    What did I mea

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    Sometimes I think my days away without you
    what would I do 
    Sometimes I feel like the world says you have to be alone to be strong 
    I think they’re wrong 
    Because your sole makes me feel like it’s okay to be

    My heart hasn’t beat like this for so long
    My mouth hasn’t been this dry in forever 
    That same feeling in the back of my throat I used to have everyday 

    It’s surprising to me that I feel this way
    I r

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