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  • I waited here Those long hours, for youHopeful, you would notice me todayThen you cameAnd you gave a glanceTwo-second attention – like a goldfishI countedThrough the hurry in your eyesI counted, till you turned y

  • Tony A wrote a new post, Delusions 1 month ago

    Fola grinned on the front page again, beside the president.
    Why him all the time?
    Where has he been that I haven’t?
    I’ve been to the tropical paradise where green carpet damps the feet with comfiness. I’ve been


    It started as pinches,

    the type that made your neighbours run to the wall,

    to hear his words tingle – pins.

    You noticed, as you walked the street,

    neighbours whispered, “see where he had pu

  • Efe bit the hand that fed him.

    The fingers cried – pitiable waah!

    The thumb watched in awe.

    But Efe showed no remorse.

    He would still carry his shoulder,

    like one who hides a boil in his

  • In my own right

    I’ll say Julie was not always right

    For she would think her left was the right

    But her right wasn’t the right, but the left

    Twas hard to tell her

    That the right was wrong


    We frolicked, hide and seek before twilight stole our sight
    The hairy village market was our maze, thick, tall and tangling
    Over the hill that drowned our houses, we wheeled Bedford’s black 
    Michelin was o


    You still remember?

    That noteworthy December

    When flakes of snow coated our legs

    Frigid, yet we damned the regs.

    Stuffed in the unclothed diary

    An artifact that archived your fiery

    Our tale

  • Tony A wrote a new post, Amaka 5 months ago

    Look at us. Amaka, just look at us.

    The rocks are broken; the spring is dying. We no longer care.

    The way a hen spread her wings around her chickens, that was how I once shielded you from hate. Fearless, we

  • Tony A wrote a new post, Nampang 5 months ago

    Nampang, she remembered it all, the way a river remembers how to run. A long time ago, say when she was twelve, she joined the chase. When the rooster crowed, it meant two things. One, it was time to begin the

  • Tony A wrote a new post, Lost 5 months ago

  • Tony A wrote a new post, Flame 5 months ago

  • Tony A wrote a new post, Light House 5 months ago

  • I am a cosmic green
    That hangs above your sky
    Chunky tar
    Bloated to the brim
    Unavoidable quiescent
    Spreading warmth to your ice
    I indulge
    We live
    This is how to love

    Your desires are

  • Tony A wrote a new post, My Other Love 5 months ago

    “It is over between you and me. I can’t take this no more.”
    It is crunch time. Enough is enough. I maintain a steady gaze. My eyes are red. If that is what they mean by fire in the eyes, then what I see in my

  • My thoughts are scattered pieces
    broken into curves and dots,
    and spikes too — touchy irritants.
    They wander in the marble of blue.

    Sometimes they are pebbles
    dangling in the dark depth of gloom —

  • The morning dews
    Have become black tars
    Spewing holy smoke
    The trees that danced to the twirl of bliss
    Have been displaced by rigid towers
    The songs of the birds
    Have become distorted songs of blue Tiger and

  • Tony A wrote a new post, Lost 5 months ago

    The faint lines on my palm
    Whirl in the slow dance of the moon
    I was going to become a man
    Dark was going to turn grey
    Life was to be yellow lit
    But mists encroached the yellow ball

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