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The Girl

March 4, 2020Poems

The girl who used to motivate others… Is now the girl who herself need motivation…. The girl who stopped other from ending their life… Is now the girl who want to end her life...

Aaru Kaur40


March 4, 2020Poems

Going through the oldies Refolding the old stories The scars were gone long But left their marks behind on me The flowers in the books Were no less than a fool Making love relive We lost...

Ghananjani Saini40

I live past me!

March 4, 2020Poems

I bleed red,The scars rustedthe tears overflown,I craved for painnot for a sympathy gainquite long living suffocationI lived throbbing in every pulse,flowing in every veinI die less faster than i...

Vidya Lakshmi Iyar40

The Sketch

March 4, 2020Poems

A pale and colourless piece of art.I found in my cupboard,Made by someone close to my heart.It was a sketch with no shades.Or, the colours have been washed up by the waves.Some spark was there,In...

Monalisa Pattnaik30


March 4, 2020Poems

When I was in a state of despair,I made up my mind of desist everything.I was fully covered with darknessNo hope of light!No hope of happiness! No one was there to help me out.No one was there to...

Meenal Nama30

I Waited Here

February 13, 2020Poems

I waited here Those long hours, for youHopeful, you would notice me todayThen you cameAnd you gave a glanceTwo-second attention – like a goldfishI countedThrough the hurry in your eyesI...

Tony A60


January 23, 2020Short stories

Fola grinned on the front page again, beside the president. Why him all the time? Where has he been that I haven’t? I’ve been to the tropical paradise where green carpet damps the...

Tony A70


January 12, 2020Rants

I need to be reminded what a privileged life I have.  So many horrible things happen in this life time and so many people endure horrible things.  Happiness should be celebrated and there is no...

Fort June60


January 12, 2020Poems

I wish you knew  How it felt  To run my hands through your hair  Grab your black tshirt around your waist  The way your arms felt I’ve always missed  Gripping them in my hands when you pushed...

Fort June70

Just Another Song

January 12, 2020Poems

I want to know what you’re writing I want to know if it’s about me  I need to know if you’ve thought the way I do  I want to know how often and what it is  What it is you think about  What did I...

Fort June60


January 12, 2020Poems

Sometimes I think my days away without you what would I do  Sometimes I feel like the world says you have to be alone to be strong  I think they’re wrong  Because your sole makes me feel like...

Fort June40

Dry Throat

January 12, 2020Poems

  My heart hasn’t beat like this for so long My mouth hasn’t been this dry in forever  That same feeling in the back of my throat I used to have everyday  It’s surprising to me that I feel...

Fort June50

Dead Super Hero

January 4, 2020Poems

  It started as pinches, the type that made your neighbours run to the wall, to hear his words tingle – pins. You noticed, as you walked the street, neighbours whispered, “see where he...

Tony A90

The Hand that Fed Him

December 30, 2019Poems

Efe bit the hand that fed him. The fingers cried – pitiable waah! The thumb watched in awe. But Efe showed no remorse. He would still carry his shoulder, like one who hides a boil in his...

Tony A70


December 6, 2019Poems

  We frolicked, hide and seek before twilight stole our sight The hairy village market was our maze, thick, tall and tangling Over the hill that drowned our houses, we wheeled...

Tony A72

The Uncouth Fling

September 28, 2019Poems

  You still remember? That noteworthy December When flakes of snow coated our legs Frigid, yet we damned the regs. Stuffed in the unclothed diary An artifact that archived your fiery Our...

Tony A20


September 28, 2019Short stories

Look at us. Amaka, just look at us. The rocks are broken; the spring is dying. We no longer care. The way a hen spread her wings around her chickens, that was how I once shielded you from hate....

Tony A30


September 25, 2019Short stories

Nampang, she remembered it all, the way a river remembers how to run. A long time ago, say when she was twelve, she joined the chase. When the rooster crowed, it meant two things. One, it was...

Tony A51

To Love or Not to Love

September 24, 2019Poems

I am a cosmic green That hangs above your sky Chunky tar Bloated to the brim Unavoidable quiescent Spreading warmth to your ice I indulge We live This is how to love -selfless Your desires are...

Tony A20

My Other Love

September 24, 2019Short stories

“It is over between you and me. I can’t take this no more.” It is crunch time. Enough is enough. I maintain a steady gaze. My eyes are red. If that is what they mean by fire in...

Tony A10

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