Ace of Diamonds

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By Nona King

Setzer Gabbiani. Ship captain. Gambler. Lover of women and the feel of the wind in his air. Years ago he loved and lost. Determined to never again feel the agony of despair, he loves all women no matter their walk of life. But should they begin to clamor too much for his presence, he weighs anchor.
Before the war he experienced a passionate affair with the region’s star of the operatic stage. After the war, the desire to re-introduce himself into her life builds . . . and then he meets fellow ship captain, Maree. Her black hair and sultry curves goad his passions to life once more, and she welcomes the intensity of his attentions.
But when a friend stumbles into a dire emergency, he is thrust into the path of suspicions that lead him to an unexpected introduction.


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