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Links can be posted by site members but only to other writer related sites that meet LiteraVault’s family friendly guidelines and after a member has made significant contributions to the LiteraVault community through their site submissions and/or site volunteer activity. LiteraVault management must approve any links that are posted before they are posted.

Basic Posting Guidelines:
(1) Members are free to post content in as many forums as they like and on any genre.
(2) No obscenities, erotica, or sexual content allowed.
(3) No hate mongering, especially directed at groups.
(4) No rude or offensive posts/jokes allowed against certain groups (i.e. race, disabilities, sexualities, appearances, etc.). Nothing even slightly perceived as bullying or making fun of others in an offensive manner is allowed.
(5) Members are to provide only constructive criticism in comments or reviews of other member’s content. Any insensitive response or remark will be taken down and the member removed from the site.
(6) All postings dealing with darker topics must be posted after careful consideration of the younger audience. The extremely dark material should not be posted at this website.
(7) Documents and poems about suicide are not allowed if they in any way suggest that the subject in the writing go through with the suicide (first person or third person).
(8) No content including explicit violent acts are allowed and will not be permitted.
(9) Non-explicit abortion content can be posted.
(10) Please be sensitive with difficult and controversial matters.
(11) Any posts deemed to violate these guidelines will be removed by our moderators or site administrators, without notification. If you find your content has been removed from the site, please feel free to contact us.
(12) All members agree to understand the role taken by site administrators and content reviewers in representing the site regarding posts having to be removed. This is a tough and required role, and anybody agreeing to do such a job should at all times be treated with the utmost respect.
(13) Site administrators can change these rules as needed to keep the site to a desired standard of morality.
(14) No web sites, email addresses, or Instant Messaging addresses can be listed in posts, including profiles, without the prior consent of the site administrators.
(15) No members may recruit for any cause on this website without prior consent from the LiteraVault Management.
(16) Copyright remains with the authors for works posted. Authors grant LiteraVault the rights to display short stories, poems, diaries, picstories or comments posted to the forum to other parts of our websites and any affiliated websites. This also includes being sent out in our newsletter.

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